Olfactory Air Supply


GCOAir-handling in a high flow olfactometer is of critical importance in maintaining both the integrity of the system and in providing a comfortable “sniffing” environment for the end user. The DATU D2000 is specifically designed to provide high purity and high flow dynamics at rates ranging up to 10 Liters per minute. House air delivered to the unit is dried through micro-sieve absorbant prior to charcoal filtration for the removal of odor-active components or oils present in the air supply. The air is then passed through a reservoir of heated water to re-hydrate the air to levels up to 90% humidity, providing a warm, odor free, humidified air stream at the sniff port. Temperatures and flows are user-controlled from easy access front panel controls. Open architecture design of the D2000 and color indicators make maintaining and changing air-handling filters user friendly.