Agilent 5973 MSD

(Mass Selection Detector)

AgilentCircleFor analysts looking for an all-in-one GCO/GCMS package, the HP 5973 MSD benchtop mass spectrometer is the perfect fit. The HP 5973 is the workhorse of the mass spec world with unmatched reliability and service support. DATU’s Stationware GCO software works seamlessly with the Chemstation MSD software allowing simultaneous GCO sniffing with GCMS identification. Splitting of the column effluent is achieved using a Gerstel 3D/2 zero dead volume precision splitter mounted in the GC oven. Using variable length and I.D. retention gap tubing at the splitter allows the user to vary the split ratio while maintaining precise retention time agreement at both the sniff port and MSD. Wiley and NIST mass spec libraries available with Chemstation software make spectrographic identifications of odor-active compounds faster and more efficient than ever before.