Charmware Data System (MAC)

CharmwareCircleTwo Macintosh compatible software modules function to collect both GCO and standard GCFID chromatography data. Sniff responses are automatically indexed by Charmware to the standard of choice. Kovats, ethyl ester indexing are both supported. Text utilities provide user-generated odor descriptors. Data Analysis options include joining sniff files in series for dilution analysis (CharmAnalysis™) with the Charm algorithm calculating the relative odor potencies of responses or their relative peak heights to determine FD values. Report options include response scaling, dilution factors, manual and automatic odor-peak integrations and data grouping. A sniff simulation training module is included for training perspective analysts, sensory panelists etc.

Hardware : Macintosh G4 833m/z computer equipped with CD/RW, 20 G hard drive; Zip drive; on-board ethernet, firewire and USB connectivity; Nat. Inst. PCI-1200 Data Aquistion board; 16” Apple flat-panel display monitor. Software: NIDAQ software; Microsoft Office for data reporting, word processing, and report generation; Charmware 1.5; Gasware 2.0 (DATU Inc.)